Linksys Smart Wifi Router is one of the best networking hardware available in the market. The Linksys smart wifi router is provided by the login setup to access the configuration and the installation and now available with the advanced features and with advanced basic settings according to the router configuration. For the most part, individuals don't utilize to get to the login page of the Linksys router reason for the intricacies of recollecting the spots and digits which can without much of a stretch be supplanted by

Steps to Access the Linksys Smart WiFi Router

The is needed the configuration and the installation before going to use the Linksys smart wifi router. The full-included quick switch is structured with visitor systems and parental control just as gives subjective administrations to its clients. Besides, when you can't deal with its arrangement and minor issues, you are offered wide learning of Linksys Setup. How about we begin the arrangement and access to Linksys  Smart WiFi Router

  • In the first step connect the Linksys smart wifi router with the computer or the modem.
  • After making the connection turn on all the devices and then wait for some time to boots the router.
  • To access the computer devices go to the internet browser of your PC to installing the browser.
  • Type the official web address of the Linksys smart wifi router the user can either use the default IP address to access the login setup page of the router.
  • The login page of the is available on the screen.
  • The user can either skip the Username field.
  • Go to the Password field here you can enter the Linksys smart wifi default password in lowercase. The user can also have the right to change the password for security reasons.
  • On the screen, you will see a Checkbox "Use Password Manager to Remember this password". It will be saved on the browser there is no need to put the password again while you accessing the login setup process.
  • Then Click on the Ok button.
  • Find the Network address Server settings" Before using the "Open DNS".
  • Go and Enable the "DHCP Server".
  • Click on the save button to save the settings.

Key features of the Linksys Smart WiFi Router

24*7 Wireless Access

It is furnished with a much-upgraded highlight through which you can without much of a stretch access your home system whenever of the clock. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app. You are given the office to control your router whenever so as to verify your system or bound it as per the conditions.

Parental control feature of the Linksys Smart wifi

Parental control is the most imaginative and proficient component in this day and age. This specific element gives the way to the guardians to hinder the different locales for the specific guests that most likely will be their kids. With the assistance of this element, you can without much of a stretch to maintain a strategic distance from certain sites and projects that can be an illicit one, social sites, and sexual substance, grown-up arranged site or can be any site which you need to avoid your children. This specific element channels the web and makes the boundary for the accidental access to the specific site. Parental control goes about as outsider programming utilizing which you can absolutely deal with your system.

Guest Access Control Feature

Guest Control Access is likewise an effective element of the savvy Wi-Fi application which thoroughly gives you controls on your system by verifying your critical and individual information records. It makes an outsider passageway through which an individual can't get to your private system and can do his or her work in a different system without getting to your documents and verified data. It totally makes an alternate system with an alternate secret key on Network. The guest can't almost certainly offer or access any record through the principle arranged. The visitor access is kept up to make your system verified and safe from undesirable clients.

Media or Device Prioritization

Through the assistance of this element, you can likewise keep up the line of the remote devices associated with your system as indicated by their inclinations. The devices prioritization is set by the transfer speed on the specific devices that will control the transmission of the information signals into the devices. The component is just one touch away to control the data transmission which thus will control the quantity of sign transmitting into different devices.

Troubleshooting Steps to resolve the Issue why the User not able to access the Linksys Smart WiFi Router setup linksys

First of all else, web association may back off because of your overuse of information, your information has lapsed or your internet providers are getting inconvenience from your web access supplier. Along these lines, you have to talk about with your ISP just as you should expel the impermanent records from your device associated with your Router. The issue to get to might be the issue of your website which you can resolve utilizing a Linksys smart wifi. Linksys Smart wi-fi arrangement isn't working appropriately then pursue the progression referenced underneath:

  • Arranged your Linksys brilliant wi-fi router with a residential location open to your web address.
  • Permitting the router setting.
  • Open the arrangement page.
  • Type the router IP address into an internet browser.
  • It is the default online control board empowered.
  • Linksys routers utilize a similar default IP address in the event that you have changed the IP address physically, at that point need to distinguish the switch's present IP address utilizing the order brief in windows.

Steps to change the username and Password of Linksys Smart Wifi Router

The user of the now allows changing the login credentials due to some reasons like in case they forget the login credentials. Change the Admin Password for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi AccountThe least necessities for a solid and extraordinary secret key are:

  • Go to Linksys Smart wifi login by composing in the location bar of your program.
  • Type in the username and secret key for getting to the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi arrangement page.
  • The default username is an administrator and secret phrase is "leave clear. | login.
  • Click on the propelled choice in your Linksys keen wifi page.
  • Here you can discover the choice for a set secret key for managerial.
  • Type in the secret phrase you need to change for your Linksys switch login and
  • click on the Save button.


Follow these simple steps in order to log in to your Wi-Fi router:

  • First and foremost, all you should do is change the network name and password.
  • Then start opening your favorite browser. Then in the address bar enter the IP Address,
  • Then you’ll be redirected to the login page where you can now enter the default username: unknown and password: admin
  • Next, change the Linksys EA9500 default login and password or in case if you can’t remember then you should reset it.
  • Change the Linksys EA9500 default Wi-Fi name (SSID)/Password. And then Login for access. 

How to update Linksys router firmware?

Follow these instructions in order to update your router firmware:

  1. First, you should document the product information and then locate and write down the model and version numbers that are listed on the underside of the router. All the required information is located near the Linksys logo on the bottom of the router.
  2. Then download the latest firmware update and navigate to the Linksys manufacturer’s main website and then click the link “Get Linksys Support”. Then select your model from the list of products in the center column of the page. Try entering the product information in the search field located near the top center of the page if the router does not appear in the list. Scroll down to locate the downloads tab near the center of the page and then click on the link. You should then click the pointer arrow next to the field known as “select hardware version”. You should select the version 1 option to bring the download links. The first link “Vers.1.0.01 (Build 10)” should be selected. All the PC and Mac users should use the same link for updating the firmware of their router. Click on “ok” to save the file when prompted and then download will be complete. Save it to the drive when it has been downloaded. 
  3. Then locate the default gateway for the Linksys router on a PC that runs on any version of windows. Locate the router’s default gateway immediately in order to access the router’s web interface. Begin by the ‘start menu’ and enter ‘cmd’ into the field. With the commands on screen type  "ip/config/all." You’ll see the default gateway listed among the IP configuration information.
  4. Next, you should find the default gateway for your Linksys router on a mac running on any version of Mac OS X. For this, you will be required to click on the far left of the menu bar and select the system preferences option from the pull-down menu. Select ‘internet and wireless’ from the network menu. Next, you gotta click the ‘advanced’ button in the network dialogue box. Open the TCP/IP tab and then the default gateway address will be shown under the ‘network’.  Type down the gate default gateway information and leave the dialogue box. Open the command screen and write "ip/config/all". You’ll see that the default gateway information listed among the IP configuration information. Your information has been obtained.
  5. Now, use the default gateway number to access the web interface for the Linksys router. The default gateway address should be entered into the address bar of the internet browser. You should press enter if you aren’t directed to the router’s web interface. Finally, the web interface of the Linksys router will show in the web browser window.
  6. You should generate a back-up of the router settings to the hard drive before installing the firmware update. For this, click on the ‘Administration’ tab and choose the ‘configuration management’ option from the pull down menu. Select the ‘backup’ option from the configuration management dialogue box and save the file to the hard drive (config.bin).
  7. Lastly update the router firmware from the web interface by clicking on the ‘administration tab’ and then select ‘firmware upgrade’ option. In order to locate your file, you should click on the browse button in the dialogue box and locate the firmware update file that has just been downloaded. 
  8. Click upgrade and wait for the session to get completed. Bravo! Your firmware has been upgraded to the latest version. 

How can you setup a Linksys router without a computer?

In such circumstances, if your computer has no CD drive or you have lost access to the Setup CD, you can still install the Linksys Wi-FI router by simply downloading the Linksys connect setup software from the Linksys support site. For doing this, connect the computer to a network that has an active internet connection or just directly to the modem. Then click on downloads or firmware button and then select the hardware version of  your device. Then find the setup software for your computer and click download. The setup software should be saved and a location should be selected on your computer to save the file. Then double click the Linksys connect setup file that has been downloaded and click on the license terms link in order to read it. Check the box and click next. Then carefully follow the instructions 1 and 2 on the setup screen. If in case, your Internet connection is through satellite, T1 or fiber optic that doesn’t have a modem, the existing Ethernet cable should be connected to the yellow Internet port of the router.  Then click ‘next’. Note that the setup process will generate a unique Router name (SSID) and Password specially for your network.  This information can be changed by editing the automatically generated SSID and password for the wireless network.  Click Next. Then the setup will identify the internet connection type and if in case the software identifies that you are using a DSL connection, a tab will appear that will allow you to enter the user account details in the required fields. Click next again and finally you’ll see that you have been connected to the internet screen.